Kitchen Accessories


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  • Wellmax 270 Degree Revolving Basket PTJ006Wellmax 270 Degree Revolving Basket PTJ006

    270 Degree Revolving Basket

    Wellmax PTJ006

  • Wellmax Pull Out Drawer Basket PTJ004EWellmax Pull Out Drawer Basket PTJ004E

    3 Layer Drawer Basket

    Wellmax PTJ004E

  • Wellmax 3 Layer Side Basket KPTJ009FWellmax 3 Layer Side Basket KPTJ009F

    3 Layer Side Basket

    Wellmax KPTJ009F

  • Wellmax Spice & Bottle Rack PTJ023CWellmax Spice & Bottle Rack PTJ023C

    Bottle & Spice Rack


  • Wellmax Bottle Rack Pull Out PTJ009DL-200Wellmax Bottle Rack Pull Out PTJ009DL-200

    Bottle Rack Hydraulic Pull Out

    Wellmax PTJ009DL-200

  • Wellmax Bottle Rack Pull Out Basket PTJ009IWellmax Bottle Rack Pull Out Basket PTJ009I

    Bottle Rack Pull Out

    Wellmax PTJ009I

  • Wellmax Corner Basket 360 Revolving PTJ006LWellmax Corner Basket 360 Revolving PTJ006L

    Corner 360 Revolving Basket

    Wellmax PTJ006L-360

  • Wellmax Corner Basket PTJ017EL-ERWellmax Corner Basket PTJ017EL-ER

    Corner Basket


  • Wellmax Corner Basket PTJ017 HA/HBWellmax Corner Basket PTJ017 HA/HB

    Corner Basket

    PTJ017 HA/HB

  • Wellmax Corner Basket PTJ017K PTJ017JWellmax Corner Basket PTJ017K PTJ017J

    Corner Basket

    PTJ017K / J

  • Sig Plus K804C Cutlery Tray 17"

    Cutlery Tray 17″

    Sig Plus K804C

  • Sig Plus K804B Cutlery Tray 21"

    Cutlery Tray 21″

    Sig Plus K804B

  • Sig Plus K804P Cutlery Tray 24"Sig Plus K804P Cutlery Tray 24"

    Cutlery Tray 24″

    Sig Plus K804P

  • Sig Plus K804S Cutlery Tray 25"Sig Plus K804S Cutlery Tray 25"

    Cutlery Tray 25″

    Sig Plus K804S

  • Sig Plus K804U Cutlery Tray 30"Sig Plus K804U Cutlery Tray 30"

    Cutlery Tray 30″

    Sig Plus K804U

  • Sig Plus K804A Cutlery Tray 33"Sig Plus K804A Cutlery Tray 33"

    Cutlery Tray 33″

    Sig Plus K804A

Maximizing Your Kitchen Space with Signature Hardware’s Kitchen Accessories

A well-organized kitchen not only makes your cooking experience easier and more efficient but also gives your kitchen a neat and tidy look. To help you achieve a clutter-free kitchen space, Signature Hardware offers a wide range of high-quality kitchen accessories that are both practical and stylish.

Our kitchen accessories collection includes kitchen racks, shelves, dish racks, and kitchen stands that provide ample storage for your kitchen essentials. If you’re looking for a specific type of kitchen accessory, we also offer specialized products like dish drying racks, plate racks, and kitchen baskets. Our kitchen accessories are designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your kitchen stays organized for years to come.

One of our most popular kitchen accessories is the Wellmax kitchen accessories range. Wellmax offers a variety of kitchen accessories that are designed to help you maximize your kitchen space while keeping it organized. Whether you’re looking for a simple dish rack or a multi-tiered shelf, the Wellmax range has something for everyone.

For those looking for an over the sink dish rack, we have several options to choose from. Our over the sink dish racks are designed to fit most sink sizes and are perfect for small kitchens where counter space is limited.

All of our kitchen accessories are available for purchase online, making it easy and convenient for you to shop from the comfort of your own home. We also offer fast and reliable shipping throughout Pakistan, so you can start organizing your kitchen in no time.

In addition to our in-house kitchen accessories, we also offer steel rack kitchen accessories from top brands to help you create a fully functional and stylish kitchen space. At Signature Hardware, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality kitchen accessories that will transform your kitchen into a beautiful and organized space.

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